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How to Find Nice Side Light

Here's a trick to find beautiful, natural side light. Observe how light falls on objects (like pillars, wall edges, or trees). If one side is brighter, that's potentially an excellent spot to place your model. The light will tone your model's face the same way it tones the object.If you know how to use sunlight, you can keep your heavy lighting gear at home ;)


Observe how the pillar is brighter on its right. Similarly on the model’s face.
Pillar is brighter on the left. Same on the kid’s face.
Brighter on the left.
Brighter on the right side of the wall. Same on the kid’s face.
Brighter on the right. Both pillar and model’s face.
Works with trees as well. Notice how the left side of the tree is brighter, and similarly on the left side of the model’s face.